Nordic waterfall

Reclining shower experience that massages, refreshes and creates balance in body and soul.




Lie on your stomach and enjoy the increasing and decreasing strength of the water jets, which feels like a gentle massage and thus has a calming effect on the body. Your head is kept free of the water so you can breathe freely and let your body embrace.


Your senses are activated and stimulated in this showering experience, which provides renewed energy. The body is alternately wrapped in pleasant warm rain and cold effervescences that set the blood circulation in motion.


Enjoy this relaxing and soothing shower experience. Slowly, the muscles are warmed up by water jets that release any tension. The physical influence shifts focus from the mental thought flow and creates calm and well-being.


Total price DKK 85 for all three shower experiences of a total 15 min. duration

Order your treatment when you arrive at the reception in Kurbad Limfjorden.


Reservations are made for errors and price in the treatment.

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