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A weekend getaway very close to the fjord

It can be difficult to choose weekend getaways, when there is an ocean of posibilities.

First, you may need to figure out what kind of "vacation type" you are.

Are you into:
- The luxurious hotel experience
- The wonderful inn experience 
- The cozy cottage

No matter what kind of vacation type you are, it is always great with relaxation and pampering - combine your weekend getaway with a wonderful spa day in Kurbad Limfjorden.

Par I Kurbad.Kom
We want to help you find the perfect weekend getaway for you and therefore we recommend the beautiful and fresh West Jutland.
With the fjord winding in the natural landscape, there is no more than a walk to the water from most places. It is the perfect place to relax and enjoy each other's company. You will find a wide range of exciting experiences, where you get very close to the nature of the Limfjord and here the possibilities for accommodation are many and varied.

For instance, if you need a luxurious weekend getaway, you can check into a lovely hotel room at the Grand Hotel in the city of sound, Struer. With only 200 m. from the spa you can enjoy the beautiful sunset from the outdoor spa in Kurbad Limfjorden, followed by a delicious dinner at the hotel before you hit the soft pillows.

You can also search 22 km. further north to Tambohus and experience a true natural paradise, which also offer a beautiful panoramic view of the fjord. If you are more into cattage cosiness, you can also explore the many possibilities in West Jutland through our partner Campaya Holiday Home Rental.

Whatever form of vacation you are into; luxurious hotel experience, wonderful inn experience or the cozy cattage atmosphere, you can experience West Jutland's unique nature and get really close to the Limfjord's wind and shower.

Combine your weekend getaway with a wonderful spa day in Kurbad Limfjorden.

Become completely relaxed and get renewed energy with a refreshing and sensory-pampering wellness experience. There is pampering and well-being waiting at Kurbad Limfjorden, if you choose a weekend getaway in West Jutland.

Here, you can immerse yourself in Kurbad Limfjorden's hot pools, saunas or try one of the extraordinary treatments.

We are looking forward to seeing you.

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