You can experience our various saunas that spoil and stimulate all your senses. There are saunas for everyone's needs, whether you are for warmer or milder temperatures.

Once the entrance fee is paid, you have free access to the saunas and here also the saunagus. You can read more about saunagus here.

You can read more about the saunas below.

Bio Sauna.Kom


This sauna is approx. 60 degrees hot, where the traditional Finnish sauna is approx. 90 degrees. The lower temperature and higher humidity make the heat in the biosauna feel mild.

Infrared Sauna

The infrared sauna warms the body from the inside and increases blood circulation. Is particularly suitable for sore joints and muscles.

Infrarød Sauna.Kom
Dampsauna4.Kom (1)

Steam Sauna

Good for body and soul. Steam is a perfect combination of heat and moisture, which softens your muscles and has a relaxing effect. The steam and warmth invite peace of mind and relaxation of the body.

The steam smells gentle and is a great place to give yourself a body peel. You can buy body peeling at our reception.

Steam Caves

Sit comfortably in the Steam Caves and hang the towel too. Press the button and enjoy the steam, which slowly moisturizes and softens the skin. To achieve the optimal effect, we recommend that you sit for at least 10 minutes.

Finsk Sauna.Kom

Finnish Sauna

This sauna has a temperature of approx. 90 degrees and a humidity of less than 10. The high heat makes the body relax and starts sweat production.

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