Wax treatment

We use high quality wax from Italwax for hair removal on the whole body. The wax is developed especially for all types of hair and for use everywhere on the body. Due to the high elasticity, it is easy to apply - even on larger surfaces. It forms a thin film that grips both the short and soft, but also the straight hair. The skin is left soft and smooth — with no sticky wax residue.


We advise against bathing in chlorine, salt water and sun within the first 48 hours after waxing, as this can damage newly treated skin. Physical activity or anything else that evokes sweat is also not recommended - here also the saunas. Thus, please book an appointment at the end of your stay.

Book your treatment online or at Liv@kurbadlimfjorden.dk.

If you need wax treatments more than once of the same treatment, a card for regular customer can benefit you. With a regular customer card, you can buy 3 identical wax treatments and get the 6th wax treatment for free. To get a regular customer card, you can contact our wax therapist at your next appointment.


Whole legs and bikini line - DKK 390 

Thighs and bikini line - DKK 275

Lower leg - DKK 250

Butt - DKK 190 

Whole legs - DKK 295

Thighs - DKK 195


Upper body:

Armpits - DKK 150

Back - DKK 295

Cheast - DKK 300

Arms - DKK 195



Whole face - DKK 275 

Eyebrows - DKK 125 

Upper lip - DKK 125

Chin - DKK 125 

Chin and upper lip - DKK 150 

Nose - DKK 125 

Ear - DKK 125 

Nose and ear - DKK 150


Bikini line - DKK 175

Tanga - DKK 295

  • Here, all hair in the bikini line is removed and approx. 2 cm. from panty hem. Between buttocks is not included. 

Hollywood/Brazil, DKK 420

  • Here, all hair is removed in the intimate area, including in between the buttocks

Hollywood/Brazil mand, DKK 580

  • Here, all hair is removed in the intimate area, including in between the buttocks

The price is excl. entrance ticket to the Spa

Reservations are made for errors, price and changes in the treatments.

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