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Post 19.12.2022

New years and wellness with Struer Fri
Fag- og Højskole

Are you in need of self-indulgence? Join the New Year and Wellness course

Begin the new year by recharging body and mind – This new course offers
among other things at spas, self-care, soothing meditative yoga, meditation and
sound massage.

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Post 15.12.2022

The perfect christmas gift for him or her

Are you having a difficult time finding the last gifts?

It can be difficult to find the right and personal gift that will please him or her, you care so
much for. That is why we come up with a Christmas gift idea that you can both enjoy.

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Post 05.12.2022

Christmas Sauna therapy the 22nd of December

Thursday, December 22nd at 5 p.m. and again at 19.00 we fire up the tiled stove and bring out the Christmas spirit. Experience an evening with the scent of mulled wine and coockies throughout the spa, so you can begin your Christmas holiday with the right Christmas spirit.

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Post 10.09.2022

Private events

Create good memories with good experiences - plan experiences out of the ordinary in Kurbad Limfjorden.

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Post 21.07.2022

Let Destination Limfjorden be your

Regardless of what the summer has to offer, our partner, Destination Limfjorden,
certainly has the right experiences for you as a family or couple.

Let Destination Limfjorden be your summer guide

Post 09.06.2022

A weekend stay very close to the fjord

Combine your weekend stay with a wonderful spa day in Kurbad Limfjorden.

No matter what type of holiday you are into; luxurious hotel experience, wonderful inn
accommodation or the cozy cottage atmosphere, then you can experience West Jutland's
unique nature and get up close to the wind by the Limfjord.

Find the perfect weekend stay for you.

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New treatment - Herbal ball massage

Herbal ball massage is an ancient Thai cleansing massage technique.

The herbal balls contain up to 30 different herbs, the balls are heated before the massage.

An oil massage with the hot herbal balls increases blood circulation, relieves soreness and
tension and provides renewed energy. The heat and scents make you relax and your skin
will feel soft and tightened. The massage gives body and mind a soothing feeling. Try this
treatment and achieve a different kind of well-being and enjoyment.

With herbal ball massage you experience a new world with a beauty oasis for health,
relaxation and wellness. An exciting, different, rewarding and relaxing treatment that
everyone are to try.

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Care for body and soul. Steam is a perfect combination of heat and moisture,
which softens your muscles, has a relaxing effect and the steam smells gentle.
The steam and warmth invite peace of mind and well-being for the body.

The steam sauna is a great place to give yourself a body peel. You can buy
body peeling at our reception.

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