Wellness spa treatment

Enjoy a relaxing and different treatment.

With a wellness spa treatment, you get one of the more special forms of massage, where you can feel how the body really relaxes while one of our wellness therapists massages with stones or herbal balls. Tension and sore muscles are released so that the body finds balance and harmony again.

Try one of these treatments and achieve well-being and enjoyment.



Limfjord Stone massage

Stone massage is a very relaxing and pleasant form of massage. The slow and soft strokes with the hot stones have a stimulating and relaxing effect at the same time. You lie on top of the hot stones while being massaged with both hot and cool stones. All the senses are awakened and the body calms down.

Duration: approx. 70 minutes.

Price: DKK 895

The price is excl. entré fee for the spa.

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Herbal ball massage

Herbal ball massage is an ancient Thai cleansing massage technique.
The herbal balls contain up to 30 different herbs, the balls are heated before the massage.

An oil massage with the hot herbal balls increases blood circulation, relieves soreness and tension and provides renewed energy. The heat and scents make you relax and your skin will feel soft and tightened. The massage gives body and mind a soothing feeling. Try this treatment and achieve a different kind of well-being and enjoyment.

With herbal ball massage you experience a new world with a beauty oasis for health, relaxation and wellness. An exciting, different, rewarding and relaxing treatment that everyone should try.

Duration approx. 50 min.

Price: DKK 725

The price is excl. entré fee for the spa.

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All the above prices for treatments are exclusive of the entrance fee to the spa.


Reservations are made for errors, price and changes in the treatments.

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